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Transfer Station Odor Control – CupriDyne Clean by Odor No More, Inc.  Our 100% safe and gentle solution eliminates Transfer Station odors, it does not just mask them.  We are changing the way the transfer station industry thinks about all types of odor elimination.  Our ground-breaking product empowers industrial facilities that generate odors with a scientifically-proven Transfer Station Odor Eliminator, not just masking the odor.  Through the use of common essential nutrients, it breaks down all organically derived odors by means of safe, gentle and effective oxidation.

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Cupridyne is #1 in performing Transfer Station Odor Control.

Transfer stations are a vital part of municipal infrastructure, and odor is one of the biggest problems they face. Site managers need to find effective ways to coexist with neighbors, especially as residential communities encroach more and more on the areas transfer stations are located.

Transfer Station Odor Control

Good odor control begins with good design and housekeeping, moving waste as quickly as possible through a well-ventilated structure and keeping an eye to cleanliness and weather considerations. When this isn’t enough, however, misting systems can help tremendously. CupriDyne® Clean added to the system more effectively works to oxidize odor and is far superior to masking products like essential oils as it eliminates odors rather than just covering them up. CupriDyne Clean also does not damage misting equipment like fragranced oil products have the potential of doing.

Using CupriDyne Clean concentrated liquids through misting systems provides an easy to use and highly cost effective solution that integrates into existing system. Plus, Odor No More is affiliated with Air and Water Systems, a very reputable company servicing all of North America. Our partnership can assist with all of your misting system needs, including repair of existing systems and installation of new systems.

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We take being #1 in Industrial Odor Eliminator systems very seriously.  Here are some of the reasons you can trust Cupridyne Clean to bring you a solution to your Industrial Odor problem.

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“We trialed the product for 30 days on food waste at one of our transfer stations. It outperformed the heavily fragranced product we have grown accustomed to and did so more cost effectively.”


“We have used masking agents for years.  What a difference it makes to see a true Odor eliminator.”

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