Odor Control Hybrid Liquid Powder

CupriDyne Clean Hybrid –When added to a site’s water truck, CupriDyne® Clean’s Hybrid formulation is designed to mix in portable water storage containers associated with portable misting systems where water is not readily available. Mix the predosed gallon jug and accompanying pouch into the correct amount of water and the system is ready to dispense the most effective odor eliminator available. This system is efficient, cost effective and fits in with operators’ current practices because there is no additional labor, no additional equipment, and no additional maintenance.

Our Hybrid products are packaged in gallon jugs with an accompanying pouch of powder making to two-step system. Each unit is designed for the specific volume of water the user’s tank holds in gallons. Hybrid products are available to be added to 500-gallon to 5,000-gallon capacities, with additional sizes available to accommodate larger tanks as well.

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