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Wastewater Odor Control Systems – Treatment Plant NOV’s March 2017

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A municipal WWT facility in Southern California treating 14 (fourteen) million gallons per day had a new development of expensive homes constructed immediately across the street. As a result, odor complaints increased dramatically and the Air Quality Management District issued NOV’s (Notices of Violation) and Abatement Orders were put into place. The plant operators stated that they have tried many odor control products and installed misting systems around the entire perimeter of the facility, over the Bio-Solids storage trailers and on top of their Bio-Filter. Additionally, greenbelts were planted along the perimeter of the plant, all to no avail.


Odor-No-More, Inc. introduced CupriDyne® Clean concentrated liquids into the existing systems.


A notice was sent to the regulators and all neighbors informing them that a new odor control product was being utilized. Odor complaints were significantly reduced almost immediately and their product cost was reduced from greater than $10,000. per 250 gallon tote to less than $2000 per tote.


CupriDyne Clean has been in use for over a year and the operator, neighbors and regulators are happy with the results.

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March 2017


Wastewater Odor Control Systems – Treatment Plant NOV’s

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Wastewater Odor Control Systems
Wastewater Odor Control Systems

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