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Wastewater Odor Control Systems – Plant Improvements

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A municipal WWT facility less than one mile from the ocean and immediately adjacent to residential neighborhoods, serving 2.6 million people, was building new Bio-solids storage and loading buildings. As a result of the construction the exhaust filtration was shut off and the facility was battling regulatory scrutiny and public outcry over the powerful odors and VOC’s emitted from the facility. The team at Odor-No-More was tasked to reduce odor emissions at the facility with its patented oxidizing agent CupriDyne® Clean.


Odor-No-More, Inc. identified the best method of deploying CupriDyne® Clean into the temporary exhaust ducting to reduce the gas emission (odorous and non-odorous).

  1. A portable high pressure misting system was designed and built.
  2. A dual misting ring the same sizes as the inside diameter of the duct was installed and plumbed.
  3. 10 (ten) high pressure nozzles were installed into the misting ring, sized in accordance with the exhaust fan CFM output.
  4. A mix tank was utilized to ensure the proper dilution ratio of CupriDyne Clean concentrated liquids.


Prior to installation of the CupriDyne Clean system the emissions levels were testing from multiple points around the exhaust at greater than 55. Post installation the emissions levels were confirmed at less than 1 consistently.


The system has been in operation for over 6 (six) months and the detectable levels continue to remain well within the acceptable limits with no additional changes to the system. The company has submitted bids for 2 (two) much larger systems for perimeter and trickle filter misting and has been awarded a single source blanket purchase order from the customer.

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June, 2017


Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

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Wastewater Odor Control Systems
Wastewater Odor Control Systems
Wastewater Odor Control Systems

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