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Landfill Odor Control Systems

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A 363 acre landfill accepting more than 830,000 tons of disposal per day was receiving more than 1,000 odor complaints every three months. The site was under abatement order that reduced their hours of operation by 3 hours per day. The site had installed more than 500 gas wells, perimeter, roadside and litter fence misting systems as well as operated 11 misting cannons, 4 vaporization systems and 2 CAT mounted misting systems. The operators were using two different odor control products and had spent more than $60,000. in Q-4 2016. The complaints continued


Odor-No-More, Inc. introduced CupriDyne® Clean concentrated liquids into their misting systems, CupriDyne Clean powders for water-truck dispensing and CupriDyne Clean Hybrids for the portable misting systems. The vapor systems were shut down.


In Q-4 2017 the odor control product cost was reduced to under $25,000. and the operator received 63 odor complaints the entire quarter. The vapor systems have been abandoned and CupriDyne Clean is the ONLY product used onsite.


CupriDyne Clean has been in use for more than 6 months. Their odor complaints are down by 100X and their odor control product cost has been reduced by almost 2/3rds or $35,000 in Q4 2017.

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March, 2017


Landfill Under Abatement Orders

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Landfill Odor Control
Landfill Odor Control

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