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Empire Food Waste Composting Facility


A 37-acre windrow-style composting facility permitted to process 150 tons per day of food waste and 150 tons per day of green waste. The site is immediately adjacent to a dog park, family farms, less than a mile from a major interstate and approx. 3 miles from a large recreational lake and the Mississippi River. The team at Odor-No-More was tasked to reduce odor generation at the facility with its patented oxidizing agent CupriDyne® Clean, utilizing the available equipment onsite.


The primary sources of odor emissions at the facility were located and Odor No More, Inc. provided CupriDyne Clean Hybrid’s to be mixed in the facility’s portable spray system to be applied directly onto and around these areas.

The facility’s areas that were treated with CupriDyne Clean were:

  1. Windrows consisting of food waste mixed with paper, leaves and wood.
  2. Site surfaces between the food processing area and the windrows.
  3. Food processing area which is made up of one 3-sided building approx. 11,000sq.ft., where bluebag food-waste is hand sorted. Two concrete tipping floors for food waste and clay tipping pads for other compostable waste and active composting windrows.
  4. A .25 acre contact water runoff basin.


Ken Tritz, Director of Operations stated, “We have been applying it to the areas where we’ve been actively tipping, mixing and windrowing the organic material. Depending on weather, it is applied typically at the end of the day and especially before the weekend. The product works quite well and eliminates odors immediately. In fact, we’re confident enough in the product that we’ve had our mechanic fabricate a sprayer system that can be used by one operator on a skid steer.”


A new odor management plan was submitted to regulators that included the use of CupriDyne Clean and odors have been reduced by significant levels where not eliminated completely.

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Empire Food Waste Composting Facility


Food Waste Composting Facility

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