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CupriDyne Clean by Odor No More inc. specializes in Lift Station Odor Control SystemsOur EPA awarded 100% safe, all natural solution eliminates Lift Station producing odor not just masks it.  We are changing the way the Lift Station industry thinks about Odor Control. Our groundbreaking product empowers lift station operations that generate odors with scientifically-proven odor elimination, not odor masking. Through the use of common essential nutrients, it breaks down all organically derived odors by means of safe, gentle and effective oxidation.

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Cupridyne is #1 in performing Lift Station Odor Control.

Odor-No-More, Inc.’s  CupriDyne Clean is a 100% safe, all natural solution that eliminates Industrial Odors caused by degrading organics in Municipal Solid Waste (trash) facilities including lift stations.  Including but not limited to amines (ammonia), sulfur compounds (H2S, mercaptans, etc…), BTEX (benzene, toluene and xylene), fatty acids as well as many other odorous compounds and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).  Our 100% safe and eco-friendly solution is truly an odor eliminator, not just masking agents (botanical extracts) or encapsulating products (that do not actually eliminate the odors) … CupriDyne Clean provides complete elimination.

lift station odor control

Our patented solution contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) or HAP’s (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and meets OSHA PEL (personal exposure limits) guidelines for all of our ingredients.  Our systems with our Eco-friendly solution is non-toxic, non-cytotoxic and is not a sensitizer (non-allergen) as validated through testing using FDA protocols.  CupriDyne Clean has been deemed a non-pesticide by the CDPR (California Department of Pesticide Registration).

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We take being #1 in Industrial Odor Elimination very seriously.  Here are some of the reasons you can trust Cupridyne Clean to bring you a solution to your Industrial Odor problem.

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“We trialed the product for 30 days on food waste at one of our transfer stations. It outperformed the heavily fragranced product we have grown accustomed to and did so more cost effectively.”


“We have used masking agents for years.  What a difference it makes to see a true Odor eliminator.”

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