Compost Odor Control

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CupriDyne Clean by Odor No More inc. specializes in Compost Odor Control systems.  Our 100% safe, all natural solution eliminates Compost Odor not just masks it.  We are changing the way the Compost industry thinks about Odor Control. Our ground-breaking product empowers Compost operations that generate odors with scientifically-proven odor elimination, not odor masking. Through the use of common essential nutrients, it breaks down all organically derived odors by means of safe, gentle and effective oxidation.

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Cupridyne is the #1 performing Compost Odor Control.

Those unfamiliar with handling large masses of organic material may be surprised at how serious a problem odor can be. Starting with relatively innocuous leaves, it is possible to generate odors comparable to those of a barnyard or worse. Combine with grass clippings, other yard wastes, and even food waste and odor can greatly intensify both in strength and unpleasantness.

Compost Odor Control

Failure to adequately address odor issues has led to many neighbor complaints and the closure of large scale facilities. CupriDyne® Clean breaks down odors formed by the breakdown of organic material, including compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, amines, mercaptans, methane and sulfur dioxide. More importantly, CupriDyne Clean does this through the use of safe essential nutrients commonly found in human, animal, and plant food supplements formulated for maximum performance and safety. Using CupriDyne Clean through targeted dispersion or water truck dispensing provides superior odor control while not affecting the composting process negatively.

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We take being #1 in Industrial Odor Eliminator systems very seriously.  Here are some of the reasons you can trust Cupridyne Clean to bring you a solution to your Compost Odor problem.

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“We trialed the product for 30 days on food waste at one of our transfer stations. It outperformed the heavily fragranced product we have grown accustomed to and did so more cost effectively.”


“We have used masking agents for years.  What a difference it makes to see a true Odor eliminator.”

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