Process of Oxidation


  • An oxidizing agent oxidizes something else.
  • Oxidation is loss of electrons.
  • That means that an oxidizing agent takes electrons from that other substance.
  • So an oxidizing agent must gain electrons.
Or you could think it out like this:

  • An oxidizing agent oxidizes something else.
  • That means that the oxidizing agent must be being reduced.
  • Reduction is gain of electrons.
  • So an oxidizing agent must gain electrons.

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Scientific Process

CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator is science-based odor control and NOT just a masking agent. CupriDyne Clean uses the natural characteristics of iodine as a potent oxidizing agent to eliminate the odor, empowering odor generating facilities to eliminate odors through proven scientific means.

It’s patented, green technology chemically inactivate odors through safe and effective oxidation. Reviewed and deemed as a non-pesticide by the CDPR (California Department of Pesticide Regulation).

Safe and Easy

CupriDyne Clean is Safe and Easy to Use. It will not cause skin, eye or nose irritation and is completely non-toxic, making it completely safe for employees.

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Good for Business

CupriDyne Clean is good for business. CupriDyne Clean empowers facilities to meet demands of regulatory agencies by preventing the escape of all types of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other odorous compounds. CupriDyne Clean is competitively priced and, in most cases, less expensive than competing products.

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