CupriDyne Clean uses our patented technology that reacts essential nutrients to generate precise levels of iodine that is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-staining. The finished products are gentle, safe and effective for oxidation of all organically derived odors. CurpiDyne Clean has been determined non-pesticidal by the CDPR, contains no VOC’s or HAP’s and does not pose a handling, storage or transport hazard.
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CupriDyne® Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator is the result of years of collective work by an impressive team of leaders and science experts. Some 20+ patents (either filed, issued or pending), an impressive list of university studies, grants, commercial trials, publications and revolutionary scientific discovery all combine to provide the proof-positive evidence of both safety and efficacy.
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With a dedicated team of experts and best-in-class science, CupriDyne Clean has become a proven leader in Industrial Odor Control. Our dedication to making the highest performing products with our patented safe and environmentally-friendly technology is evident in all we do.