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Cupridyne is perfect for Landfills, Transfer Stations, Compost facilities, Wastewater Treatment facilities, Animal Production Facilities and
Bio-filter Enhancement.


CupriDyne Clean Industrial

Industrial Formula

Cupridyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator is designed to eliminate odors generated from industrial facilities like transfer stations, composting facilities, landfill operations, sewage plants and lift stations, food processing plants and animal enclosures.

Easy to Use

Cupridyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator is safe and effective when dispensed through misting systems, portable sprayers and water trucks on a host of surfaces including soils, metals, concrete and asphalt docks, floors, walls, feed and water receptacles, waste receptacles, tanks, bins, liners and dumpsters.

Concentrated Power

CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator eliminates, rather than masks, odors, without the need for fragrances. Available in 1, 55, or 275-gallon dilutable concentrate, custom dosed powders for dilution in water and hydrogels for bio-solids transport coverings.


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This product is not intended or registered as a pesticide and/or antimicrobial. CupiDyne Clean is NOT for use as a disinfectant and is designed and intended to eliminate odorous gases.


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